Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balloon Boy Falcon Is Found- Here's What They Said On Twitter

For the past three or four hours CNN, MSNBC, and all major news organizations have been following the story of six year old Falcon Heene, a Colorado boy who was once believed to have climbed into a hot air balloon and flew away in a basket or box attached to the balloon.

As I type this, the news that the boy was found at home is just breaking. You can read the still evolving story from the Associated Press here.

What I find interesting is how the story was followed on TWITTER. Here's a sample, going back two hours.

NBCNews Runaway balloon lands empty in Colorado

DavidShuster We continue to monnitor developments from Colorado . Reports of witnesses who saw "something fall" from balloon. near Rt. 41 and rt 28.

thejoshuablog RT @AmericaBlog: Balloon lands, little boy not inside: Weird story. CNN says the balloon jus.. #p2

wcbstv BREAKING: Sheriff's department says missing 6-year-old boy feared lost in balloon found safe at home.

CBSNews KUSA reporting the missing boy has been found OK at home

CNN Confirmed by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department – the balloon boy has been found alive. Live press conf on CNN TV NOW.

GMA RT @ABC: The boy is at the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sepinwall Balloon Boy alive and hiding in an attic. Whew. Let the Bart Simpson jokes begin in earnest!

sepinwall And now we get to listen to news anchors grouse about all the time they wasted today. Fun fun fun!

CNN Colorado Sheriff says boy was found in box in garage attic.

DavidShuster Missing Colorado boy found alive, hiding in a box in family's house. Was the hoax limited to the boy and his brother? How about parents?

CNN 6-year-old Colorado boy found alive after setting loose balloon.

mollybuckley If I were Bubble Boy's mom, I'd beat the poo out of him. I'm not one for violence, but this warrants a good wrist slap.

mollybuckley Oh, I have just been informed, that he is in fact BALLOON boy. NOT Bubble Boy. Nevertheless, I'd slap his wrist. Hard. Well, not too hard.

sepinwall Ariana Huffington on MSNBC! "I've had so many breaking news alerts on my BlackBerry, you would think something major had happened!"

It was interesting watching the tone of the comments change from grave concern to "that kid need a whoopin'" after he was found safe and hiding at home. Molly Buckley is a comedian and actress, Alan Sepinwall is a TV critic. He mentioned Ariana Huffington who was a guest on THE ED SHOW. Ariana and Ed Schultz got into it pretty intensely about the hysteria and craziness that went on media wise for about three hours. Ed defended the newsworthiness of the coverage, Ariana was having nothing of it.

The bottom example of the "monkey see, monkey do" nature of the American news media. The other guys are covering it, so we do too.

At least it was something to talk about on a cold, windy, blustery day.

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