Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adding A Little Music To The Mix

Some of you repeat offenders (returnees to this blog; obviously people with much too much time on your idle hands) might have noticed the addition of a music player from Playlist.com. And before I go any further, I'm having one of those days when I really don't want to write or talk about politics, healthcare, either war, FAUX News, or any type of current event. If I were to do so my head might explode, so its fluff time for today. Trust me....I know what I'm doing. Its a mental vacation day.

Now....actually I got the idea for the player when I visited Sue's blog, Hellooo....Mr. President, are you listening?,- she had embeddded a player from Playlist.com. And I thought to myself...."That is so cool....and its so FREE!".

So later that same day I joined the website, got my own player and embedded it in the left hand margin of this old bloggerooni. That is after I conducted a a long and meaningful search to select 40 (and only 40) songs that are worth attaching to this site.

If you haven't already guessed, I'm what can charitably described as- and pardon the expression- an old fart. And consequently I listen to old fart music, made for old farts mainly by even older old farts. GREENDAY and THE VERVE are about as 21st century as I get musically. But I did make some pretty eclectic selections.

For a few days I led off with Monty Python singing I LIKE CHINESE, but I didn't want any of the readers thinking that they might have slipped into a blackhole and had gone back in time to an English music hall, circa, 1910.. So I deleted song #1 and replaced it with Robbie Robertson's COYOTE DANCE- that one's for all of you visitors who haven't recovered from those peyote buttons you took in Flagstaff back in 1982.

BIG LOVE, the acoustic live version with Lindsay Buckingham burning up his fretboard follows, and I had to include one from the classic Buckingham Nicks album (CRYING IN THE NIGHT). The next three songs have a sad connection. FOTHERINGAY features Fairport Convention's lead singer Sandy Denny, and Sandy sings the duet with Robert Plant on the following song, THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE. Then we have Eva Cassidy with her version of OVER THE RAINBOW. I knew nothing of Eva Cassidy until about 10 years ago. On an episode of NIGHTLINE there was the story of her UK version of OVER THE RAINBOW, which was a huge hit in Britain. But Eva Cassidy had died of melanoma several years before in relative obscurity. Off the top of my head, I think she was only 31 or 32 when she died. And Sandy Denny, who left FAIRPORT, rejoined, and left for good in the late 1970's also died prematurely- she fell down a flight of steps, and was only 27 or 28 when she passed on. Two talented, angelic voices that were with us so briefly, then taken.

It doesn't seem fair.

I wanted to give some mention to country rock, so I've included Poco, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds, Neil Young, and Emmylou Harris with Gram Parsons, and their direct descendants, Tom Petty and The Dixie Chicks. Hard rock with the legendary Humble Pie, Power Station, and The Who, and some classic instrumentals with Jeff Beck, The Allman Brothers Band, Booker T and the MG's, and John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers (featuring Eric Clapton). For da blues some Bonnie Raitt and Buddy Guy. And some sardonic humor with Randy Newman ("Mr. Monk Goes Blogging?") and the incredible Richard Thompson....I wonder if Britney Spears as any idea who the guy is.

And of course, being a Jersey Guy BRUCE has to be represented, as are Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny. In fact, Springsteen is the only person to make the playlist twice, even though one of the songs is one he didn't write....but most "Non-Jerseyans" think he did.

.....Are you still with me?

I didn't think so.

OK....I'm going to end this, and watch the Yankees and Angels in Game Four of the ALCS. Can CC get it done for the Yanks on only three days rest?

"Start spreadin' the news".....

(BTW...one more time...if you want a free playlist and player for any of your social networking sites, go to Playlistcom. Its so easy even an aging commie pinko can do it.)

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