Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Children In Religious School Praying Before Cardboard Image Of "Dubya"

Lately the usual voices of the the Right (LimbaughBeckHannityBilloETC) have been voicing an opinion that President Obama is creating a cult of personality, like in totalitarian states, and devising a sinister program of "indoctrination" of America's school children.

Its funny...I guess they never saw the documentary film Jesus Camp. Below, a group of children attending an evangelical religious camp are praying before a life sized cardboard cutout of Mr. Obama's predecessor, George Walker Bush.

Not praying TO Bush (where I'll differ with the tagline on the video)....but having his image join them in prayer. Still, it does show the hypocrisy of those who ripped Mr. Obama for his short address to America's children.

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