Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What 2 Do On A Rainy Day? Its Time 4 TWANTS!

I know...I must have too much time on my hands.

But the other day I was thinking about some notable reactions I had to certain posts on TWITTER, as well as some celebrity TWEETS of note. There is no word yet for a "Twitter Rant", so I just invented one.

Now and forever may they be known as TWANTS.

Lets begin.

Here's a couple from me.

Hugh_Jee@DittoWatch Repeating the same idiocy isn't going to turn it into genius. Doing the same thing repeatedly & expecting new result= insanity.
(In response to a post from DittoWatch about Rush Limbaugh and his regurgitation of the same crap daily again and again and again).

Hugh_Jee@politicususa Joe the Plumber- Keeps gettin' dumber- I'm getting numb(er)- He's such a bummer- He's back in his Hummer- his Mindless summer.
(To Politicususa- upon hearing the latest bit of inane rambling of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher)

From blogger Mario Piperni Some gun people are crazy. Period. http://is.gd/1CIXd
(Now that's being direct and to the point- and way under 145 characters!)

From Scott M (justmy2_cents) It's one thing to accept, and possibly forgive Chris Brown. Quite another to give the guy any respect or support in the future.
(In response to Brown's mea culpa video concerning his beating of girlfriend Rihanna)

From Empty Skirt Thanks to Sarah Palin, the definition of "empty skirt" has been officially entered into the Urban DIctionary: http://bit.ly/empty-skirt
(As implied, EMPTY SKIRT is the female version of an "empty suit", inspired by and dedicated to the soon to be former governor of Alaska.)

From Shannyn Moore RT @OTOOLEFAN: Republicans opposed social security, civil rights, Medicare, & now a public option. Party of Lincoln, my ass!
(Shannyn Moore is a blogger and radio personality from Alaska, who in recent weeks has become notable to media in the Lower 48 because of her writings and opinions about Sarah Palin)

From CNN's Rick Sanchez afghanistan is hot zone today. we got atia and nick covering from region. why did abducted soldier leave compound? don't get it, but asking
(Interestingly, this TWEET was from July 2, the story and controversy of why the soldier walked away has gained momentum in the last 24 hours).

From WCBS 2 (NYC) meteorologist Megan Glaros Boarding flight to Chitown and thinking about all the germs circulating. Eeeek!
(One word for you young lady...."DRIVE"!)

From writer and blogger Russell Twyce @robstrump Take my advice, and don't take my advice. :-)
(Interesting stuff from an interesting guy. I don't always agree with him but its always a fun... and controversial... read).

OK...just one more from me (because I'm getting tired of typing and I want some lunch). Sorry, but I'm going to cheat...here's another one from me.

Hugh_JeeShould TV Detective Adrian MONK join TWITTER, or would he be too paranoid about people following him?

Alright, enough of this.

Outta here!

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