Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Hits For July 27, 2009

(1). I just saw something that was both bizarre and tragic on TWITTER. I'll withhold the names of the individuals involved....I think in this case its the right thing to do. A young man TWITTERED a prominent young woman, a famous GOP'er, with a message that seemed like a suicide attempt was pending. The young woman took the time to call local authorities- it was the right and responsible course of action. Later the guy tweeted her back, saying that he was OK and was going to get some long term help.
I was just thinking that this might be the tip of the iceberg; that there might be lonely and troubled people out there reaching out to celebrities as a last cry for help, using TWITTER as their vehicle. This time, it did have a happy ending.

(2) Its "goodbye" for and from Sarah Palin....well, not really. She has her book deal, and I wouldn't be surprised that she'll go on her merry little way taking pot shots at celebrities and the "mainstream media", at least in the forseeable future. Forget that she has become a celebrity, and is America's #1 Reality Star....and that in a few more months she'll in all likelihood join FOX NEWS as an on camera personality or consultant and become part of the mainstream media she so despises.

The power of the almighty dollar.

(3) As promised, here's some short comments about Torchwood; Children of Earth. In a nutshell, this miniseries was some of the best science fiction I've ever seen. But it was more than Sc-fi; it was political commentary, and it was human triumph and tragedy shown on an epic scale.

I only saw a few episodes of the first two seasons of TORCHWOOD, and to be candid, I could take it or leave it. But when this third season, reworked as a five episode mini series, played last week on BBC AMERICA I became hooked. It was arresting in its pace, and I couldn't wait to see the next episode. This miniseries out 24'ed 24.. They took a fantastic premise and made it believable; what if the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1920 was the work of aliens flexing their muscles? And what if an alien emissary demanding 10% of all the children of Earth be given to him ore else the planet would be destroyed by an even more deadly virus? But more frightening than the alien menace was the reaction of democratically elected officials to the crisis, with their devolution into neo-facists, debating the selection the "less desirable" from the future leaders of the planet. John Barrowman and Eve Myles were great in their roles as Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, but Peter Capaldi stole the show for me in portrayal of the loyal, weak, and tragic John Frobisher. If you haven't sen the mini series, it will out on DVD and Blue-Ray this week, and it is available also on BBC AMERICA ON DEMAND. Check out the official website for more information, background, and videos.

(4) A thumbs up to THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL for replaying the eight part Cronkite Remembers, a min-series from the late 1990s. All of episodes were shown on Sunday, and then repeated,16 hours of Walter Cronkite telling his view of the story of the 20th century. He was the voice that guided generations of Americans through the turbulence of the Sixties and the Seventies....and he's irreplaceable.

(5) A thumbs down The History Channel. MONSTERQUEST... ICE ROAD TRUCKERS....UFO Pawn Stars? Granted, this might be of interest to some people. But its not history. None of these quasi-reality/history shows are. True, THE HISTORY CHANNEL used to get the rep of being "all WWII, all of the time". But what they're doing now is playing DOWN to the audience instead of trying to elevate the discussion. Let the dumbing down of America proceed.

(6) Professor Gates...Sgt Crowley...President Obama...let 'em all get into a small room, have that Blue Moon, Corona, or Sam Adams Summer Ale, and move on. Health care is stalled in the Senate and the side show continues. I will admit; its a refreshing change of pace to have a President who will admit mistakes.

(7) The Yankees went 9-1 during a ten game homestand. All seems right in Yankeeland. Now its on to Tampa Bay, and those battlin' Rays- a very good team playing in the most unsightly ballpark in the majors.

(8,9, and 10) It was, it is, and it will be hot, hazy, and humid in this last week of July. Just writing about beer in the previous post has made me thirsty. I'm outta here!

"Hugh Jee"

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