Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keeping It "Fair And Balanced"


Its come to my attention that this blog has had an increase in paid political advertising on it lately. And it always involves one party. They seem to be trying to counter any political stance or opinion I might have about people, institutions, or ideas I come out against in my writings that they seem to support. And even when I write or link up articles that are fundamentally non-political, I still find ads from that one particular party, the party that preaches freedom of expression, fiscal restraint and individual responsibility, propagating on this blog like flies around day old sugar.

Its a free country. If they want to keep buying ads on this site to counter any perceived (or actual) political slant by this blog, well.... its their money and their choice. And I have little control over who GOOGLE sells ads to. But please remember this. I won't be going over to their side in the forseeable future (or even less likely, when hell freezes over). And everytime someone clicks one of their paid ads, I get some money for it.

And guess which candidates I'll contribute to with that money?

(Hint....think blue!)

Now, in the interest in ...."fairness and balance", here's a couple of YouTube videos that might have a view just slightly different from those political types of whom I had been referring.

So my readers from fifty nations and counting, thanks for supporting my elitist leftist liberal commie pinko leaning blog.

And enjoy the videos.

"Hugh Jee"

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