Friday, July 3, 2009

Hugh Jee, Int. I Tell Ya, Its a Movement!

Its official- we've gone international, baby!

I installed a new "toy", from, just to quench my curiosity about who logs into this site and where do the readers come from.

And I was surprised by the results. There's no shock that the majority of readers of this blog are American, almost 80%, or that readers from Canada and the UK would be in the Top Three. What is surprising is the amount of readers from countries where English is a second or third language.

In the first three days of this little experiment we've had visitors from 23 countries in all, from Singapore to Peru, and Belgium to Cyprus. I'm surprised, pleased, and flattered that you'd take the time to read my "stuff"....thanks alot!

And on TWITTER....I got to 103 followers, with no book to sell, no new music to peddle, no movie or TV show to hit you over the head with, no "increase your TWITTER following BS" or any other scam, in fact....I never invited anybody to the "party".

But thanks for showing up anyway.

That's all, feeling about lazy on this summer afternoon, so I'll cut it short.

But stick around, we'll do something for The Fourth.

"Hugh Jee"

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