Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Detroit Lions HOF Lou Creekmur Dies at 82

Lou Creekmur, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a great offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions in the 1950's, has passed away in Florida at age 82. He was a graduate of Woodbridge High School in New Jersey in 1944.

Why his passing is significant to me is because he's part of my family history. My Dad was a classmate and teammate of Creekmur in high school; they were Woodbridge Barons, both offensive lineman.

And Lou broke my Dad's nose in practice. There is a picture floating around somewhere in our family "archives" of my Dad telling my nephew the story in front of Creekmur's bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH when my nephew (now a young man) was a little kid. I saw the photo recently, but can't seem to locate it.

True story....I swear.

More on the life and career of Lou Creekmur.


Zoshchenko said...

I am one of Lou Creekmur's sons and I really enjoyed the story about your dad's nose. My dad was fond of telling everyone how his nose had been broken like 13 times and that's why it was so flat. He never wore a face mask until he went pro in 1950, and even then it was seldom more than a double bar.

Lou is being memorialized at Arlington National Cemetery in the middle of September. In addition to being a pro football player he was a veteran who served at the end of World War II.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hi, I just noticed your comments recently. And I'd like to offer my condolences on the loss of your Dad.

Yes, your Dad (Lou) and my Dad (Ray) were teammates in high school at Woodbridge High. And Lou did break Dad's nose in practice. He told the story a zillion times while we were growing up, but when he told my nephew at the Pro Football HOF it was the first time my nephew heard the story. I did see the picture of the two of them in front of Lou's bust at the HOF. My brother has it, and I'm going to try to get a copy and update this entry when I do.

Thanks for dropping by...and take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello, greetings from Missouri. Was so sorry to hear of you dads passing.
We are d i s t a n t cousins many times removed. About 20 years ago my son found a football card of your dad in a baseball card shop, he bought it and brought it home to me. He remembered hearing that name. My dad had an aunt also named Lou Creekmur, it was Louisa Creekmur but all we had heard was Aunt Lou. To shorten this story some, I call William Mary College, they in turn gave me the know address of your grandfather. Long distant information he no listing for him, but the did have a listing for a George Creekmur in Islam, NJ so I called your uncle George explaining I was working on family history and about the football card I had, in told me Lou was his brother and was being inducted into the football hall of fame, he also sent the newspaper clipping announcing Lou's induction. We were able to see some of it on TV news. A few years ago, don't remember the exact date off the top of my head right now, but we heard Lou was going to be in Kansas City at card signing session at the International Trade Center. so my husband, my son, my sister and I all went to see him. We met Lou and his wife, he was so gracious to us, he just pulled up chairs and told us to stay right there and we would visit in between signings, we spent at least 2 hours with him. We took pictures with him, my grandson had made him a sports card and Lou sent a signed card home to Derek and told him to be sure and write him---don't know if he did, but we were thrilled to meet him. My dad loved football as does all my family, dad would have been so thrilled to have met him and to share stories, but we lost our dad
several years before we found the football card. Your dad and I, as well as your uncle George shared stories and went back in time and memory trying to complete the connection, and we finally did, but it was distant maybe even to distant to be kissin cousin! But there was a connection. Just want to tell you how sorry we are to hear he has passed away,and to share this information with you. It was such a good meeting, we enjoyed your father's company and time so much and of course I will treasure the football card, the pictures we took forever. I have copied off what I have found on the net about his career and added it to my collection of family history. Thank you for letting allowing me this space.

Anonymous said...

from Missouri again---sorry for the sloppy writing, didn't proof read,
hope you can follow it/make sense of it all!---I am ashamed of so many errors!!

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