Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Pitchman" Billy Mays Found Dead

Billy Mays with designer Kim Parrish at the PITCHMEN premiere party

Bearded and outgoing TV pitchman BILLY MAYS was found dead at his home in Tampa this morning. Mays was 50 years old.

More on Billy Mays from the Associated Press.

Click here for a May 13 blog entry recounting Billy's adventures ordering breakfast at McDonald's.

Rest in peace Billy...and say hi to Ed McMahon.

Pitchmen Premiere Party

Click here for a blooper reel from PITCHMEN, featuring Billy and Anthony "Sully" Sullivan.


Grant said...

no doubt Oxi-Clean is going to see a 300% increase in sales over the next couple of days

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Grant- Very sad to see anyone die so unexpectedly and so relatively young.

But his signature pitch line will make the perfect epitaph on his tombstone.

"Hi, Billy Mays here!"

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