Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guard Dies After Holocaust Museum Shootout - ABC News

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This is a post I really wish I did not have to write. A tragedy happened in Washington; a racist malcontent named James von Brunn, age 88, walked into the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC and opened fire mortally wounding security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns. Officer Johns was just doing his job when von Brunn made this the worst, and then last, day of his life.

The shooter, who's name I'll not mention again because the thought him sickens me, is a neo-Nazi who blamed all of the world's troubles on a "international Jewish conspiracy", and lumped people of color, gays, and other so called enemies as co-conspirators in this run towards world domination. When I think about Dr. Tiller's murder a few weeks ago, and the police shootings involving right wing extremists, it makes me fearful, for the nation and for the safety of our President. The election of Barack Obama is the worst nightmare for these fascists; its become their selling point in their hate mongering.

And even more disturbing than the whackos of the extreme right is the rhetoric we hear daily. Didn't right leaning actor Jon Voight refer to President Obama as a "false prophet" and the "tyranny" of the Obama administration? We expect that kind of talk from extremists and right wing talk shows, but when an Oscar winning actor speaks in those terms, doesn't just add to the divisions we have in our nation? It doesn't help.

And those on the left who will report and rip Republicans and their cronies at every opportunity, often with diatribes of four letter words- how does that resolve anything? Keep throwing bombs, and they'll keep throwing bigger ones in your direction.

Many years ago when I was in elementary school I went to a small town in Arkansas with my Grandfather on a business trip; this was the summer of 1963. In the motel we were staying in- which was "whites only", as were most of the restaurants- we watched a TV news broadcast from Memphis. On that day there was a lady reading an opinion piece regarding the local elections in Mississippi. She was from The White Citizens Council- in her piece she referred to "the tyranny of the Kennedys". I never forgot that, 46 years later. JFK was assassinated a few months later.

The words I heard Jon Voight speak the other day echoed those same sentiments. And a shooter today acted out in proxy.

Yes, I am fearful for my nation...and for my President.

Below, the story from ABC NEWS.

Guard Dies After Holocaust Museum Shootout - ABC News

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