Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ventura Smacks Down Hasslelbeck on "THE VIEW"

It was "Beauty vs The Body" on Monday's edition of THE VIEW. And "The Body" kicked just a little bit of butt...verbally, that is

Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor, actor, pro wrestler, and ex Navy Seal visited the ladies of The View on Monday. The discussion moved on to the controversy involving waterboarding of suspected terrorists, was it torture, what did Nancy Pelosi know, and the culpability of the Bush-Cheney administration in its adoption as "enhanced interrogation". Once again, conservative host Elizabeth Hasselbeck sprang to the defense of the former President and Vice President....and former Governor Ventura cut her to ribbons.

What did we learn? Once again, Jesse Ventura is a true populist and independent who is owned by no one.

And secondly....Elizabeth Hasselbeck as a mouthpiece for the conservative side. OK...is she the best you've got? In this conversation she went from being blond to being really, really, really....blond. (No offense to any blonds out there...I've got a few in my family).

But I'll admit...Elizabeth is really cute.

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