Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Round Two; Ventura vs Hannity

Hours after Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura appeared on ABC's The View and mixed it up with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, he went across town to Fox News and took on arch conservative talker Sean Hannity

Below, the results of the "interview".

Notice the "faux pas" from Jesse when he referred to the "Osama Bin Laden- John McCain election"? Other than that slip of the tongue, Ventura seemed to get his message out; Barack Obama inherited a mess, and the country was worse off after George Bush than before him.

What did we learn? Ventura might be the most brutally honest man on the face of the earth. Secondly, Hannity is and always will be an apologist for The Right.

And furthermore....Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a helluva lot prettier than Hannity.

Here's the link for Jesse Ventura's YouTube Channel, JesseVentura2012.

It seems he wants to add "Next President of the United States" to his list of titles past or present. But to be fair, nowhere on the channel does it say that Ventura has an association with it, and no website for a campaign has been set up- the channel may be set up by fans. It does list his name and age, but nothing else.

Among subscribers- Rep. Ron Paul and Tommy Chong.


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