Monday, May 4, 2009


The other night while checking out the Jeff Beck vids for the previous post I came upon this rare gem on YouTube. Its a young Rod Stewart, probably from 1970, doing an al capella version of the title song from Rod's second solo album, Gasoline Alley.

This was the time when Rod and Ronnie Wood broke with Jeff Beck and replaced Steve Marriott in The Small Faces when Steve left to form Humble Pie. Soon the group dropped the "small", and for a time, from 1971 to 1974 Faces became possibly one of the top five bands in the world......and they were the headliners one of the first concerts I ever went to, in July, 1971.

A great REALLY UNPLUGGED of a classic song.

An edited update (May 6, 2009) I forgot to mention. The charcoal sketch of Rod Stewart was done by former bandmate (with Jeff Beck and Faces) Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones. Woody is a very good portrait artist who's had several collections displayed in exhibition throughout the world.

What a voice. Hard to match then or since.



rock and roll history said...

Check out the lady on the fire escape in the background. You can almost picture her shaking an umbrella and yelling about the "damn kids these days."

Great blog. I'm glad i found it. Check mine out if you get the time.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Thanks much- I checked out your blog, and REALLY liked it. You really get back to the roots with old timers like Berry and Gatemouth Brown.

Also it was good to see your look at the mostly forgotten Mick Ronson. I loved Bowie's stuff from the early '70's.

Talk to you later!

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