Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick HitsFor May 8, 2008

(1). It didn't take long. Even though there were no comments (so far) about my entry about Carrie Prejean, gay marriage, and the resulting furor, the "empire" has struck back, so to speak. The very first ad I saw this morning on this page from AdSense was a push poll from a conservative religious group. If they only knew what I do with ad revenues I get from this site!

(2) I saw Lt. Dan Choi, the Army National Guard officer dismissed when he outed himself on national TV, about an hour ago on CNN. And I had this thought; isn't it a contradiction when the service academies have an honor code demanding that attendees not lie or cheat, demanding of their total honesty, and yet the services have a policy of "don't ask, don't tell"? And then when a person like Choi comes out and is perfectly honest, he is punished- isn't there just a little hypocrisy?

(3) I'm saddened to hear that former Red Sox centerfielder Dominic DiMaggio died early this morning at age 92. Brother of the great Yankees star Joe DiMaggio, Dom was called "The Little Professor", and was a great in his own right. If you get a chance, read David David Halberstam's The Teammates: a Portrait of Friendship . Its the story of old friends and teammates Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky, and Dom DiMaggio and their cross country trip to visit their dying friend, the legendary Ted Williams.

(4) Former Rutgers star Brian Leonard has been traded to the Cincinnati Bengals by the St. Louis Rams. Now he'll be competing in the same division as former teammate and friend Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. To anyone who's followed Leonard's career, this seems like a good move for him. He'll get to carry the ball more...and there was something weird about watching this guy play in a domed stadium in St.Louis. Brian is one of those guys who belongs playing in the elements, in the rain, wind, and snow. He defines the term "football player"- and he was a brilliant student at Rutgers as well.

(5) Mariano Rivera giving up back to back homer to lose a game that was tied when he entered it for the Yankees? I'm looking outside, to see if the earth is still spinning on its axis.

(6) Speaking of looking outside...I can see the sun! We've some rain everyday since May began- and I hear tonight we're expecting more. Anyway, I'm going to enjoy the good weather while we- ever so briefly- have it.

(7) Tonight Dad and I go to Trenton to watch the Thunder and BINGHAMTON METS from beautiful Waterfront Park. Eastern League and AFFORDABLE baseball- perfect together.

(8) Another murder locally. This time about three miles from here. A man shot in his own driveway, two perps arrested after a long car chase. I'm starting to think a reality based police procedural drama is being shot without our knowledge. But there's no director here yelling "cut!".

(9) The Dow has shot up 120 points plus as I type this... maybe the general passing grade for the banks in the "stress test' is responsible. So much for Mr. Limbaugh and the "Obama Recession".

(10) And finally...gotta see STAR TREK. I have yet to see a bad review. But I'm sure some hard core trekkies will nit pick it to death- most know more minutiae about the Star Trek universe than the movie's scriptwriters would know in a lifetime.

That's it for work to do, and some sunshine to enjoy.


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