Sunday, May 17, 2009

President Obama To Speak At Notre Dame; Protesters Gather

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at Notre Dame's commencement exercises today, with protests from pro-life students and organizers on campus and in the area, as well as counter protesters in support of Obama's visit.

Here's a video from the ASSOCIATED PRESS.

My Opinion; Once again, certain elements of the church that I belong to have chosen to pick one issue, albeit a very divisive one, and continue to drive a wedge among the membership. It is possible to be for choice, and not necessarily be "pro abortion", as the anti-abortion faction often fails to see. The bottom line is, as I see it, a matter of conscience between the woman considering terminating a pregnancy and her deep seeded beliefs. A true conservative position would be to support this idea; but in this political world in which we live this is hardly the case.

I'm a Catholic who sides with Catholic politicians such as Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Rudy Guliani in saying that this choice belongs to the individual, not with lawmakers. Where are the champions on the right who preach of "individual responsibility" on this issue?

And to those bishops who have told their flock that to vote for Obama is to commit a sin- I ask this question; if that is the case, how about voting for a mayor, or congressman, or governor who voted for Obama? Is that a sin of complicity? How far do you want to extend this web of sin and casting of blame?

Now excuse me....its Sunday, its late in the morning- and I have to get ready to go to Mass.

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