Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OMG! I'm a TWITTER ADDICT! (And You Can Too!)

I held out for many months. I thought it was a bunch of nonsense- people sending out little blurbs of 140 characters about their lives, no matter how insignificant- I'm going to pick up a loaf of bread; I'm home; I'm watching a LAW AND ORDER MARATHON; my remote battery is dead; I put new batteries in; I.....

You've got the picture. Self indulgent, egotistical, narcissistic talk from people with nothing better to do.

But curiosity got the best of me...and I joined on April 20th.

And I started TWEETING..and I CAN'T STOP!

That's right. The first thing I look for in the morning is my tweet from CNN or MSNBC, or some online friends. I have to comment, and refine my wise cracks to 140 characters or less, and dammit, I'm gettin' good at it. "Big shots" tweet me- and I tweet 'em back.

I'm a loyal Democrat...but I even tweet GOP'ers Meghan McCain AND her daddy! Too bad Olbermann doesn't tweet, but Shuster, Gregory, and Maddow do....and CNN's Rick Sanchez tweets like there is NO tomorrow!

I know that Hillary Clinton took a sick day...I got her tweet!

Its soooo cool. And I'm powerless to stop. I don't do drugs (haven't touched anything illegal since 1986), I quit smoking two decades ago, I don't drink anything stronger than two SAM ADAMS at any one sitting, I watch what I eat, and I live like a monk, so sexual addition is not a problem (OK...its a problem, but not that kind of problem...see what you did? You've got me flustered!)


I say one day I'll be in a 12 step program to beat this thing. Hey! I can stop ANY TIME I WANT TO!

I'll think about week. I do have this problem with procrastination, you see....but that's another blog entry for another day.

So here now, I will post my 100th tweet since joining TWITTER a mere 16 days ago.

I shall now acknowledge my addiction to the world...and beg forgiveness.

(Please tweet me at

Thanks... I needed that.

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