Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeff Beck and Joss Stone- PEOPLE GET READY

So...on a cool and windy Friday night, I was checking out some favorite vids on YouTube. I spent some time with my alltime favorite guitarist, JEFF BECK, and watched a video of his recent reunion with long ago cohort ROD STEWART singing old JEFF BECK GROUP favorite "I Ain't Superstitious" and a great version of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready".

And then I came upon another video, this one of Beck with JOSS STONE singing "People Get Ready". I was so floored by how good they were together, I want to say this publicly....if anything were to happen to me, and I were to go to that Great Gig In the Sky, I want this song and this version played at my grave site. Seriously! No joke!

I have already written about Jeff and of The Yardbirds. So here's some info about the lovely Ms. Stone.

Joss Stone was born Jocelyn Eve Stoker in Kent, UK on April 11, 1987. In 2003 her debut album Soul Sessions went platinum, her second Mind, Body, and Soul (2004) was also a huge hit. Introducing Joss Stone was a GRAMMY nominated release in 2007. This summer her fourth album, Colour Me Free is scheduled for release.

Joss began her acting career with the 2006 fantasy Eregon. She can be seen on SHOWTIME's third season of The Tudors playing Henry VII's German born fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

Here's the vid. JB's band includes the incredible young basist from Australia, Tal Wilkenfeld.

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