Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday to Rick Wakeman! (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)

It was a co-incidence, really. I was going to write a review of Season Three of The Tudors for my current events blog when I noticed that today is "once and former and who knows when again" YES keyboard whiz Rick Wakeman's 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday, maestro Rick.

Rick Wakeman left YES for the FIFTH time just over a year ago. He's had as many tours of duty with Yes as Billy Martin had managing the Yankees.

Among Rick's early solo projects was a concept album in 1973, The Six Wives Of Henry VIII. Here's a YouTube clip of excerpts from Yes's 2003 tour.

Rick will be doing some touring in the UK, including the Chelsea Arts Festival on June 13th. Check Rick's website for more info.

And in Yes-News...longtime members Alan White, Chris Squire, and Steve Howe are joined by singer Benoit David and Rick's son, Oliver Wakeman on tour in the US. Incidentally, Steve Howe is doing double duty, also playing guitar with the opening act, fellow prog-rockers Asia

For more on Yes, check YesWorld.

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