Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebrity Tweets (Plus)

Its a miserable and rainy day...and I'm still searching for something of substance to write about, to no avail.

So, in the meantime, here's some CELEBRITY TWEETS from my Twitter page. My comments follow in italics.

From celebrity maven Jared- JustJaredDavid Hasselhoff Rushed To The Hospital: David Hasselhoff was rushed to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning on.. (no swarmy wisecrack from me on this one)

From Republican cutie/blogger/political daughter Meghan McCain-McCainBlogetteTotally raining in nyc right now! (She's on the road, to talk to a publisher about a book she has written...this young woman probably tweets in her sleep)

From HSN's Shivan Sarna Getting ready for 4 hours of prime time tonight. Dr. Rey shapeware bathing suits tonght! Susan Lucci's Malibu Pilates Chair does work! (Dr. Rey with his stethoscope. Needed much for women's shapeware)

From WCBS TV's Lou Young Lou Young's (@LouYoungNY) latest blog -- "Milton Lewis: A Reporter Remembered" -- (On the death of longtime NYC newsman Milton Lewis).

From Celeb MD. Dr. Drew "No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent."Susan B. Anthony Amen to that. ALL created equal. (He always has some profound quotes each day. Affirmations? Stewart Smalley, anyone?)

From Diddy Good Morning! Did you get your ticket to the Last Train to Paris?! Go to +Get your FREE ITunes APP (Shawn, you mean you're just getting out of bed NOW? How do you ever expect to make money if you sleep all day?)

From the New York Yankees' Nick Swisher feeling good. start of a great 2-game series with Red Sox tonight. Go Yanks! (Nick was HBP last week and sat out Saturday. With this rain I don't think they'll be playing tonight).

From QVC's Jacque Gonzales If all goes well- I'm on QVC 1pm-4pm Eastern!1pm Kitchen Clearance & 2pm-4pm Papercrafting w/Pros. Pollen may FINALLY be low from the rain! (Yep, the grass pollen will be lower with the rain. It'll be tree pollen's turn next. Whole lotta green dust out there- CHOKE!)

From Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton approval rating strongest in Cabinent, even above President Obama's: (Church Lady here- "Well, we're just alittle full of ourselves, aren't we?")

and finally........

From director and professional Jersey Guy Kevin Smith In a two-minute-shorter universe, Devs and Pens are tied, one apiece. Next year, I'm adding two teams: mutha[GRETZKY]ing Oilers and Coyotes! (Still mourning the last minute collapse of his beloved New Jersey Devils in the NHL playoffs. PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? Did you just say...PLAYOFFS?) .

Ohhhhhh...........why not? Check out the vid!

That s it...I'm going to play in the rain, just like it were Woodstock, '69.


Update! May 5 2009 7:30am In the interest of accuracy the TWEET listed above regarding David Hasselhoff needs a followup, and certain sources appear to be inaccurate. Click here for a published update.

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