Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean Keeps Title- One Liberal's View (Plus a MSNBC Anchors Dust-up!)

Today at 11:00am Donald Trump, owner of the MISS USA and the MISS UNIVERSE beauty pageants, held a joint press conference with Miss California, Carrie Prejean, to announce that Ms. Prejean could keep her crown.

We all know the story...at the Miss USA Pageant judge Perez Hilton asked Ms, Prejean of her view of same sex marriage. She answered that she was opposed to it, setting off a firestorm of controversy. We know about her appearance at conservative Liberty University, her embrace by the Christian right, the attacks by some liberals in the media, and also by some gay activists. And there were the photos of Ms. Prejean in her underwear, arms folded over her breasts in an implied nude fashion, shot when she was 17 years old. And there was her association with the National Organization for marriage.

I've stated my political views on these pages many times- the five most refreshing words in the English language to me are "former president George W. Bush" But you also know I try not to shove my political views down the throats of anyone who will listen. There's enough "my party right or wrong" dogmatists in the blogesphere....and I don't wish to be one of them.

But I do consider myself a liberal, in the classic way...that is, I believe in tolerance for the beliefs of others, and diversity of opinion.

My position on same sex marriage has been stated- I'm in favor of making it the law of the land, in all 50 states.

Therefore I do disagree with Carrie Prejean's position on same sex marriage. But I defend her right to have a position different than my own....and I do disdain some of the tactics used by some on the left to discredit, embarrass, and attack Ms. Prejean for stating an opinion, and the attacks by some on her personal religious beliefs.

Notice....I said "some".

I don't like seeing people being pilloried for their religious beliefs.....and at the same time I don't like to see people wearing religion on their sleeves either. In that regard, Carrie Prejean could be faulted...and criticized... for her seeming self promotion that seemed to escalate almost daily.

But let's just get this in perspective....Ms. Prejean is not an elected official, or the head of a church. She is not on the board of a Fortune 500 company, or a best selling author.

She is a woman who DID NOT win the Miss USA competition...and I'll bet the average person couldn't tell you who won Miss USA even if you threatened to burn the person's house down with them in it if you didn't get the right answer.

The right needed a "cause celebre"...and some on the left helped to deliver her.

The bigger picture is this....it doesn't matter in the long run what a blond Christian conservative from California believes regarding same sex marriage. What does matter..and what should matter to all interested in that cause...is that progress be made. Its a time when battles must be picked carefully. And as I said before, very few looked good at all in this fight.

In closing.....take a look at the battling threesome of Tamron Hall, Contessa Brewer, and David Shuster at the end of MSNBC's broadcast of the press conference. Luckily the three were all in separate studios....I think Contessa and David would have exchanged blows had they been in the same room.

This one's a candidate for THE SOUP.

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