Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twittering My Way Through The Blogesphere

Alright....I admit it. TWITTER is soooo cool! And I spent a good portion of the past few months resisting the temptation to join. But the immediacy of getting information as it happens is pretty fabulous. Some of it is superfluous, and I hate to say it...."useless trivia". But getting the information from people as it happens, unfiltered, is pretty neat.

Sigh....if I had only known!!!!

Here's what's happening as a I type this...

New Jersey's own director KEVIN SMITH is watching the Devils-Carolina hockey game, and is going ballistic because the Devs are ahead.

MEGHAN McCAIN, the cutest Republican on the planet (and that's coming from me, a loyal Dem), is fighting for a place in her party with Christian conservatives who think that GOP social moderates are outsiders....and she's tweeting her little heart out.

DAVID SHUSTER is giving kudos to the COUNTDOWN team at MSNBC...David is filling in for the vacationing Keith Olbermann.

ELLEN is telling everybody to tune into her show tomorrow for Earth Day...BEYONCE will be her special guest. When I think about saving the planet, I too always think of BEYONCE.

And OMG...DIDDY is out sick!!!!

This is so much fun...my inner geek has been unleashed!

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