Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Governor Rick Perry On Secession From The Union

The video says it all.

(Sigh)....I thought this was all settled in 1865.

Governor...before you secede....can you just send us Willie Nelson?



Profitable said...

*sigh* This was settled a long time ago. Funny, I thought the Governor of all people would know that in Texas the Governor is just a strawman anyhow. Way to make the state look bad -- not like they had a glowing reputation before, anyhow.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Profitable- Its enough that a former candidate for national office is married to a person who belonged to a secessionist party; "secession" seems to be a trendy thing to preach these days. A small minority in other states want the same thing.

President Obama said that he tries to pattern himself on Abraham Lincoln- but this is becoming too close to that reality!

Younger people always say they wish they could have experienced "The Sixties". Well maybe they can...."The 1860's", that is.

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