Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter Switches, And Prepares For November Fight

Did you hear the one about the Republican Senator who didn't think he would win his party's nomination in a primary, so he switched to the Democratic Party today?

I thought you did....in between getting the bejezzus scared out of you from the 24/7 reports on the swine flu outbreak, there was some pretty earth shaking news in DC today.

Sen Specter was told that he had no chance of gaining the GOP nomination against challenger Pat Toomey by aids last week. After 28 years in the Senate, Specter concluded that the Republican Party had become too conservative for him- he supported the Obama stimulus plan, and recently saw several hundred thousand former Republican voters leave the party to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

The Washington Post gives a very detailed look at the story and its ramifications down the road, plus analysis and Q&A from readers. What I find interesting is that though Specter had little chance of gaining the nomination against the upstart Toomey, by switching to the Democratic side he would become the odds on favorite to win the general election in November.

One source has said that Toomey was urged not to run against Specter...because Specter was the only chance the GOP would have to hold unto the seat they have held for 28 years.

The Republican Party has no house seats in New England. In the Mid -Atlantic states its numbers are dwindling. Though its not quite at the stage where they are a regional party, they have a solid base in the South and in the West (but not the West Coast). The problem they face, after eight years of mostly ruinous governance by the Bush administration, is one of credibility. Just cut taxes, reduce spending (while the nation is in a deep recession and fighting two wars), and keep calling up National Guardsmen (some older than me, a Vietnam Era vet) to fight on forever in Iraq and Afghanistan...and all will be right with the world.

Oh yes...one more thing...just be against anything the Democrats are for, just to keep the conservatives, the neo-cons, and the theo-cons of the party's base happy....even though the rest of the nation has swung to the left, or at least towards the center. And keep throwing those names out there...all of the lefties will destroy this nation.

As if the last eight years were America's equivalent of Rome's Golden Age under "The Five Good Emperors".

This morning on my Twiiter page I found this- Senator John McCain's response to the UAW-Chrysler deal.

UAW eventually owning 55% of Chrysler stock and the U.S. Gov owning the rest – if that isn’t socialism, what is?

My response to the Senator

Sir- With due respect; better the workers who build the cars and US taxpayers than the miserable leadership since Iacocca.

Senator McCain was the candidate for the Republican Party in last year's presidential election. And the best he can do in this time of economic crisis is yell "socialist" instead of finding some real answers. Allowing Chrysler to collapse, and perhaps cause more hardship, pain and economic calamity to thousands of loyal workers and parts makers, should be unthinkable.

I'll say it again...its better to have the workers have a majority share in this deal and give them OWNERSHIP in their jobs, than have another twenty years of incompetence calling the shots at Chrysler. And maybe if the plan succeeds, the government can get out of minority ownership. I hope and pray that it does work.

Where is the leadership from these guys in the GOP? Where is the sense of economic patriotism? Its always about being against something, but what do they stand for?

Sadly,they seem to stand for very little. At this moment a once great political party is now wandering in a wilderness of its own making.

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