Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Savoy Brown (featuring Kim Simmonds)

They never received the acclaim of their contemporaries, but SAVOY BROWN was one of the most important bands that emerged from the British blues boom of the late 1960's.
SAVOY BROWN was founded by guitarists Kim Simmonds and John O'Leary in 1965. Simmonds continues to front the band to this day, and is the only constant in every lineup since the band's inception.

Over the years members have included singer Dave Walker, who was briefly the front man vocalist with Fleetwood Mac, bassist Andy Pyle, who was in the JETHRO TULL splinter group BLOODWYN PIG with Mick Abrahams, and later joined THE KINKS for a spell, and guitarist Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, and drummer Roger Earl, broke away from SB and founded FOGHAT.

Some of their most successful albums were BLUE MATTER (1969), RAW SIENNA (1969), STREETCORNER TALKING (1971), HELLBOUND TRAIN (1972, and BOOGIE BROTHERS (1972).
I saw SAVOY BROWN twice in the 1970's, once in Salt Lake City, when singer JACKIE LYNTON was in the band, and another time a few years later in the UK (was it the RAINBOW? I'm getting old) with a three lead guitar lineup featuring Simmonds, Miller Anderson, and former Chicken Shack guitarist STAN WEBB. Good shows...and I think Kim had the same red sunburst Gibson he's still playing 30 odd years later.

Then in the mid-1980's I saw Savoy Brown at THE FAST LANE in Asbury Park, NJ...and no, Bruce wasn't there....Kim was singing then, as well as playing lead.

So here's few vids featuring the most recent versions of the group, and a live acoustic rendition of their biggest hit featuring a solo Kim Simmonds.

And here is a link to the official website of Savoy Brown and Kim Simmonds

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