Saturday, April 4, 2009


How did I come to choose Paul Simon for today's entry?

Its because of the New York Yankees.

Last night I was watching the opening of the new Yankee Stadium, an exhibition game with the Chicago Cubs. The camera panned over to Paul Simon in the new, wet, drizzly ballpark, in attendance for the historic moment in Yankee history.

Broadcaster Michael Kay told partners Paul O'Neil and David Cone the story of when Paul Simon DID meet Joe DiMaggio, many years ago. The proud "Yankee Clipper" didn't understand the line, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you?". Michael Kay said that DiMaggio told Simon that he didn't go anywhere; he had his MR.COFFEE commercials, as well as the one's he did in the New York area for THE DIME SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKLYN. Simon told DiMaggio that it was an allusion to a loss of innocence. That seemed to quell DiMaggio's wounded ego....but the story didn't end there.

Later, Simon's favorite ballplayer, Mickey Mantle, asked Simon why he didn't use "Mickey Mantle" instead of "Joe DiMaggio" in the song.

His answer (according to Michael Kay)...."Mick, its all about the syllables".

Here's Paul Simon, live at the BBC (2006), with MRS ROBINSON.

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