Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Palins; America's REAL Reality Stars

Sarah Palin! Its been ages since I talked about you. Did you catch up on all of those magazines and periodicals you told Katie Couric about?

Since I last wrote about the intrepid governor of Alaska, whom conservatives worship as their Joan of the Arctic, Gov. Palin was in the process of telling everyone who would listen that the McCain/Palin ticket lost because of (a) unfair treatment by the liberal press and (b) sabotage from within the Republican Party, the powers that be wanted to "get" those two mavericks.

But the soap opera amped up a few notches recently.

On Thursday (April 2) Palin's sister-in-law was arrested for burglarizing a home in Wasila twice within a matter of days. And to top it off, Diana Palin took her four year old daughter with her during the heist, according to the police.

Then yesterday Levi Johnston, the onetime boyfriend (and father of Palin's first grandchild) of daughter Bristol Palin made an appearance on the Tyra Banks Show, along with his mother and his sister, and told a national audience that Palin knew Bristol and Levi were having sex.

From Johnston;

"I'm pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart,"

The so-called "hockey hunk" told Banks that he and Bristol usually practiced "safe sex". I guess "usually" has a different meaning in a state where the nights last 24 hours in the dead of winter.

And of course, there is still the nagging question I have about husband Todd Palin and his years as a member of the separatist ALASKA INDEPENDENCE PARTY, which has members who wish to break away from the United States, and some who want to take the western provinces of Canada with them to form a new nation.

And I used to think the Hendricksons in HBO's Big Love were dysfunctional!

Stay tuned folks....because there's bound to be more gems like these coming down the pike.

"The world is a freak show, and in America you get a front row seat."
.......George Carlin

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