Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The Hollies were formed in 1962. And 47 years later they are still together, with two original members; guitarist Tony Hicks and drummer Bobby Elliot. Former members of the classic lineup from the 1960's were singer Allan Clarke, singer/guitarist Graham Nash, bassist Bernie Calvert, and singer/guitarist Terry Sylvester (who replaced Nash in 1968).

There is a very long and detailed family tree on the band's website that can fill in any blanks, and add any pertinent details.

This afternoon Long Cool Woman popped up on the radio...and I thought it was time to talk about the Hollies just a little bit....and show the video.

A quick personal story about the group. In the early 1980's I was the front desk manager of a hotel in New Jersey. The Hollies original lineup (Clarke,Hicks, Elliot, and Nash)had a reunion and were touring the US. They booked some rooms in our hotel for a weekend gig. Hicks, Elliot, and Clarke arrived first, and asked me if the dining room was wasn't. So I had somebody cover for me, and I opened the dining room just for them, with no approval from my boss. I rolled up my sleeves, and made sandwiches for the band..and comped them!

Needless to say my boss was just a little pissed off, to say the least...all I could say was, "But Mr. G...they're THE HOLLIES!!!!...he didn't get it. I was THAT close to being fired. Then later, Nash arrived, and he asked me to track Crosby down (via telephone) in Washington....I went into OT, never got hold of him.

Dat's it!

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