Monday, April 6, 2009

Confessions OF An A2A Addict; Foiled By The BBC!

Alright, I'll admit it. In a moment of weaknesss I tried to check out the trailer for series two of Ashes To Ashes. And I'm going to blame it on all on Ian Wylie of The Manchester Evening News (UK) and his blog The Life Of Wylie for wetting my appetite. He's seen the advance of the Series Two opener and has dropped more teasers than a go-go dancer at an Army NCO Club.

OK...I can live with that. He has an obligation to his readers NOT to giveaway any spoilers- its not fair to the audience, or to the actors, writers, and people who make the show possible. Really...I get it. I've been through SOPRANOS MANIA here in the States...and specifically, in New Jersey, where Tony and his crew were treated with the loving respect of those black sheep relatives you never told your friends about...for their own good.

But what really had me screaming is when I clicked on the YouTube video of the Series Two trailer provided in Ian's post....and I got this.....This video is not available in your country or domain!.

So this is my dilemma; I'm an American watching Series One religiously, either catching it Saturday or Sunday on BBC AMERICA or ON DEMAND early in the week. I'm hooked- I can't wait until the next episode. But, over in the UK, Series Two will start in a couple of weeks. And the temptation to skip ahead and check out fansites, blogs, and the BBC websites for the latest info is going to be unbearable! I mean, this is like being a little kid at Christmas, and knowing the real deal about Santa Claus- you know where Mom and Dad have stashed the presents...and you just want a peek to see if you got that new bike (or useless a bunch of argyle socks instead).

I want to know if Alex is alive or dead, or lost in the ozone. I want to know Gene's latest insulting name for Alex. And of course, I'm dying to find out if Luigi ever can say "dessert" instead of "desert" when offering his patrons an after dinner treat.

(Sigh)...folks, it ain't easy being an A2A fan on the other side of The Pond.

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