Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ashes to Ashes Update- Episode 5

This week's episode of A2A finds Alex, Gene and crew investigating racketeer Simon Neary, who's added murder to his resume, including the snuffing of one of Gene Hunt's paid snitches. Neary also begins dealing guns to the underworld elements in London. Alex knows that these weapons, in the hands of the bad guys, will become part of the crack cocaine culture and illicit drug trade in the future, and gets on the same page as Gene to nail Neary once and for all.

Neary has a gay lover named Marcus who Alex and Gene manipulate to get to attempt for Alex to get close to Neary (undercover) failed, and another to use "manly man" Ray Carling in a similar manner ends even worse (with some comic results).

Once again, the series offers some surprises, like the recurrent clown popping up, gesturing to Alex a "bang your dead" gunshot from a pistol formed by his fingers....and the series touched on the subject of the scourge that was about to change sexual habits to future generations; it was the time when AIDS and HIV first began to emerge in certain segments of the population.

This was a "bridge episode", meant to take the viewer through the storyline, offering more little tidbits of the "Alex in '81" storyline.

As always, it was interesting.........but like Gene and Alex driving around in circles( "Turn left...LEFT"..."Woman, you don't have to say it twice") you're left wondering...where are we going from here?

One never one????

This week's episode guide on the BBC America website has a new feature- an iTunes Playlist, featuring music from Episode 5, including DONNA SUMMER, MADNESS, SOFT CELL, and THE HUMAN LEAGUE.

Also...if you haven't done so already, check this very fine Keeley Hawes stated in its header, "unofficial and updated as frequently as possible".

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