Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Announcing The Closure of This Blog.....SERIOUSLY!

I have enjoyed presenting you with my unique take on things over these past few months- the readership is up, I'm starting to see some momentum in hits (according to statistics), and I'm actually seeing a bit of revenue from advertising on this site.

But due to a change of circumstances, I will not be able to continue publishing entries with this blog, or with either of my other sites. I've always been fair and upfront with my readers, so here's the story of what has happened.

On Monday I received a phone call from David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. We go way back, actually we first hooked up in London after a free concert he did backing up Roy Harper a whole lotta years ago. Well, my old friend asked me if I still owned my bass guitar....I told him I did...and he asked me to go on tour as the newest member of the revamped Pink Floyd. I'll be playing and singing Roger Waters parts. Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, my girlfriend Jennifer (pictured) can't go on tour with me....she said something ridiculous about having to be with "friends" or some other lame excuse. Some guy broke her heart (poor kid), so we got together, we're compatible, we both like Greek food...oh, I'm so sorry. I won't bore you with the personal stuff.

People would always ask me, "Hugh Jee, how do you get to spend so much time online? Are you independently wealthy?".

Well..yes, I used to be. I won $19 million in the New Jersey Lottery (lump sum, after taxes) in 2006 and put about $10 million into General Motors stock....that didn't work out so well.

The rest, Bear Stearns. Thanks alot, Jim Cramer.

But I've STILL got my gig...and my girl....who could ask for anything more?

Oh I'll ask for something....what day is it?

Its .....April Fool's!!!!!.

Sorry...I couldn't help myself.

I have to stop this now and find that worm that will ultimately destroy the internet....only I have the power to stop it!

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