Friday, April 3, 2009

14 Dead in Binghamton Massacre; News and Opinion

An immigrant service center in Binghamton, NY was the scene of slaughter as a gunman walked in a killed 13 people before turning the gun on himself. At this moment, another four people are in critical condition.

The story from MSNBC, as of 6;30PM Friday, can be found here.

And video from the scene in the late afternoon.

Opinion- To be direct and to the point....what is it going to take? Dead cops in Oakland. Senior citizens, some in their 90's, shot to death in Alabama in a nursing home. Today, 13 immigrants studying to become American citizens are murdered needlessly by the alleged gunman, himself an immigrant.

These people came to this country and played by the rules. They took steps to become naturalized citizens. They studied our history, learned about Plymouth Rock, Honest Abe, and the Declaration of Independence. And they studied the Constitution, they heard about our freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and while participating in the right to "freedom of assembly" they were murdered by a person abusing the right to bear arms.

I know that the answer of how to avoid a massacre like Binghamton's is not to revoke that freedom. But conversely, the Big Lie that is perpetuated by the gun lobby and their cronies that more guns makes you safer is idiotic and irresponsible. If the answer is armed guards in nursing homes and schools, and having a population where everyone is carrying concealed at all times, then we're done. Even in the Old West, in towns like Tombstone, Dodge City, and Abilene there were laws banning the carrying of weapons within town limits. The professional Second Amendment defenders always neglect to tell that part of the story.

What's it going to take? Probably a slaughter in each and everyone of America's congressional districts. Then JUST maybe the unconvinced will "get it". The old solutions and old mentalities belong in another place and time.....and we need to limit sales, enforce existing gun laws, and have concerned citizens on the same page...and for God's sake, get the politics out of it and try to save some lives.

I love this country dearly...but there are certain things we allow here and are afraid to address that anger me on my good days and sadden me on my bad ones.

We need change...we need US to change.

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