Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Hits- March 13, 2009

Sooooo....was there anything else of interest on TV last night other than Basketball, more basketball, and after midnight and allnight basketball?

You bet!!!

Here's some QUICK HITS, TV, news, and stuff that just interests me.

(1). Leading off, from The Daily Show, we have the live and uncensored version of host Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer of CNBC....lets have dust up, on COMEDY CENTRAL.

(2)On NBC's ER, which I haven't followed in years, we had the return of Noah Wyle (John Carter), Eriq La Salle (Peter Benton), Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway), and George Clooney (Doug Ross) in an episode where Sam and Neela go to Washington State to pick up the kidney for Carter's lifesaving transplant, in the hospital where Ross and Hathaway work ( now married with a couple of kids). They never find out that the kidney is for old friend and coworker John Carter. Throw in appearances by past Oscar winners Susan Sarandon and Ernest Borgnine (Clooney is an Oscar winner as well) and it was not your typical night of take it or leave it TV. I even flipped it on, back and forth, from that incredible Syracuse-UCONN Big East game. ER ain't dead yet...still a couple of more shows to go.

(3) According to CNN, most of the weapons being used in the drug wars in Mexico come from this country. And now a new revelation; many of the young teenage assassins used by the drug cartels are young men recruited in the United States. and some aren't even men yet. Some are as young as 13.

(4) Bernie Madoff- 150 years . And he'll likely serve out the rest of his life in a federal maximum security prison. Guys like him don't live too long in those places. There will be few tears for Madoff. And as for wife Ruth, a self proclaimed business mean she knew nothing? This case is far from over.

(5) And what would we ever do without the latest installment of Keith Olbermann versus Bill O'Reilly....and Bernard Goldberg...on Countdown on MSNBC?

(6)Knock! Knock!.... Who is it?....Its Cheech and Chong, they're back and on tour!....Who?.....Its Cheech and Chong, back together, on tour, man!.

That's right, Mr Phelps...the 1970's comedy icons Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are winding up their tour....check out the dates here....and don't tell Sister Mary Elephant.

(7) Some kudos to to ESPN's Sean McDonough, Bill Rafftery, and Jay Bilas on Yeoman work on the Syracuse-UCONN allnighter. A great job of sportscasting.

(8). And in closing, ESPN's Bracketology has my Rutgers Womens basketball team as the #7 seed opening at home against #10 TCU in Piscataway in the NCAA Tournament. That's not too bad. But in the bottom half of the bracket are the 2nd seed North Carolina Tarheels....and if they survive that, and make it to the Sweet Sixteen, there could possibly be a rematch with All World Team UCONN in Trenton. But then again...its only a prediction from the braintrust at ESPN....we'll see.

Good night!

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