Sunday, March 1, 2009

People, Places, and Things That Are Bugging Me

(1) A massive snowstorm that's about to hit the area, possibly dumping 12" or more of snow overnight. We haven't had one snowfall of more than 3" all season. And it has to happen in MARCH, when I'm just counting the days until spring. It ain't fair.

(2) Baseball- steroids, cheating, coverups, mystery cousins, federal prosecutors...the game just isn't the same. And it makes me sad.

(3) Ann Coulter- Benjamin Franklin once said that thinking out loud is the source of most of the world's problems. Ann Coulter validates that point.

(4) Unsupervised, out of control kids in public areas- stores, restaurants, libraries, etc. And....

(5) The parents of unsupervised, out of control kids in public areas. Do your job!

(6) The people who say I'm "anti-kid" for complaining about kids who are out of control and parents who are either oblivious to their behavior or don't give a damn. I love kids....maybe not your annoying kid, but 90% of 'em are OK. Its just that there is an increasing amount of little buggers who are poster children for PLANNED PARENTHOOD. And Octo-mom....if you're reading this, please don't take it personally

(7) People who stop their shopping carts right in front of you in the supermarket, who can't take the cell phone out of their ears for for an hour, who cause you to nearly collide into them, all because they have to hear about Sally's big disastrous date with Harry. Take the call outside, and talk when you're driving home!

(8) Rush Limbaugh- today he's urging conservatives to take back America. I guess they haven't finished the job. Like Chief Inspector Dreyfuss said about the effect Inspector Jacques Clouseau had a certain principality... "Today a peaceful and thriving kingdom, tomorrow a wasteland".

(9) Somebody as attractive as Limbaugh's ladyfriend, Kathryn Rogers, actually going out with that uber-windbag.

(10) People who complain about other people on the internet. I guess that means me.

Till then....and in the words of the late Paul Harvey (RIP)...."Good Day!"

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Anonymous said...

what is bugging me is caltrans who cost me my job and the city of la who told me that they do not over see caltrans this was a lie i have been damage now i have a fiberglass brace in my wrist and my foot is not been xrayd yet they have cost me great pain i wish to sue them and bill handels tream turn me down anyone i need help thank you jay

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