Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day (Pt 2) ! .... THIN LIZZY, VAN MORRISON, and BLACK 47

Keep the party goin', lads and lasses....or are you called "lad-dettes"?
First up the original lineup of Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott, Brian Downey, and Eric Bell) with Whiskey In The Jar, from 1973.

Now, we have that fine Irish-American band who took their name from the "Potato Famine of 1847", Black 47 doing Bobby Sands.....and making a political statement.

And to wind it up, and to mellow out a bit, here's "The Man", Van Morrison, with a song Rod Stewart made famous, but Van did first...Have I Told You Lately?

I'll be back with more Irish stuff tomorrow....lookin' fer me whiskey in the jar!

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