Monday, March 30, 2009

Fleetwood Mac- Some Closing Thoughts

As stated before, Pete Frame's ROCK FAMILY TREES was invaluable in assembling this mini-project, as was his early interview with Lindsey Buckingham.

For additional information on the band, here's a few links that may be of interest. is the band's new official website. Its currently being reconstructed, but has a full(as of this writing) list of the band's tour dates.

The Fleetwood Mac Legacy is a very fine fansite, with news, pictures, histories and all kinds of good and fun stuff.

Fleetwood is another very good and well constructed fansite worth a look. By all means check out its biography section, which has current info on all 16 persons (and new photos) who had been members of Fleetwood Mac over the years....including those who came and left quickly (Bob Brunning, Dave Walker, Dave Mason). This too was a huge source of information in assembling this story....hats off!!

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