Monday, March 9, 2009

Economy Shrinks As Tent Cities Grow

Commentary: Yesterday in his segment on CBS Sunday Morning
Ben Stein talked about the need for America's leaders to try and calm investor fears by doing some cheerleading. He wanted President Obama, Jack Welch, and Warren Buffett, among others, to try and boost the morale of fearful nation by trying to get Americans as a whole, and investors in particular, to just settle down and try to stay positive. Stein's premise was that every time the President or members of his administration make a negative comment regarding the state of the economy, Wall Street takes a nosedive.

There is some wisdom in this. Franklin Roosevelt said during the depths of the Great Depression "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

But staying positive and trying to paint a rosy picture where "the sun will come out tomorrow" is easier said than done. About an hour ago MSNBC had segment about the growing tent cities in California, particularly around the state's capital, Sacramento. At this time, one in 10 Californians are jobless, and homelessness, particularly among those workers in the construction trades, is growing at an alarming rate.

The greatest nation on earth...the world's lone superpower. And those people who build our malls, roads, bridges, and office complexes now live in tents, faced with possible eviction everyday of their lives.

This is not a Democratic or a Republican problem, and shame. It is shared by all of us.

Below are some videos, two are from YouTube citizen journalists. The third is from a local TV station in Sacramento.

Be forewarned...some of what you will see is heartbreaking.

To find out more contact iCare-America. Thanks.

"Hugh Jee"

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