Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ashes to Ashes Update; Episode 3

In the third episode of Ashes to Ashes, Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) wages a one woman campaign to treat the alleged rape of a prostitute as a real crime, as it ties into the case of a seemingly unrelated murder/rape/mutilation being investigated by Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), assisted by Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) and Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster). There are the usual twists and turns in the plot, with Gene eventually coming over to Alex way of thinking. Along the way Alex gives an insulting Gene a nice right cross to Gene's jaw, she engages in a tipsy one night stand with a (in her words) " Thatcherite wanker", and attends a "fancy dress party" with Gene (as "The Man With No Name), Chris (as Superman/Clark Kent), and Ray (as a mustachioed James Bond).

Throw in some tunes by Roxy Music and by solo Bryan Ferry, and this episode had a feel to it like a British version of MIAMI VICE, had there ever been a British version of MIAMI VICE..

One more note....the sexual tension between Alex and Gene, always present in every scene, is something that hasn't been on the small screen since the early seasons of MOONLIGHTING with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepperd.

I really love this series....because every Saturday night I get to have a (sort of) date with the delectable Keeley Hawes, in the guise of Alex Drake.

More next week.

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I.J. Parnham said...

I'm pleased to hear you're enjoying it so far. Most viewers over here in Britain, myself included, thought the first few episodes were a bit ropey, but that it really started to get into its stride from ep3 onwards. From there to the end it just keeps on getting better and better.

Oh and where did you get that picture? It's very much one that wouldn't appear in the series with everyone wearing all the wrong clothes, but it is great.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey I.J.! Its become one of my favorite shows very quickly...over here certain segments actually have subtitles (!), particularly when Gene, Ray, and Chris are talking. You know; two nations divided by a common language and all of that...I guess I kind of miss the eighties, and all of its wretched excess and style over substance....and I didn't appreciate the music of the era then as I do NEVER hear very much Roxy and Joe Jackson, for example, in the States.

As for the picture...I just did a Google search, and it turned up. I think its from someone's private collection, and ended up in the "Keeley Hawes" search....and yeah, it is a great pic!

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