Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Appel and Angel Lead The Way To The Final Four

Right up front....I was wrong. Yesterday I picked top seed in the Raleigh Region Maryland to beat Louisville, and I called for Iowa State to upset Stanford to win the Berkeley Region.

So much for my prognostication, but I'll try again later.

Angel McCoughtry led the way for the Cards in their 77-60 win over the favored Terrapins with 21 points and 13 rebounds, leading the Louisville women's team to their first NCAA Final Four ever.

And at Berkeley, what could you say about Jayne Appel's performance in Stanford's 74-53 beat down of an overmatched Iowas State squad?

There is one word..."Chamberlain-esque". She dominated the paint in a performance that would have old Wilt smiling down from The Big Court In The Sky. Appel, in a performance for the ages, scored 46 points to break Stanford's single game scoring record, and finish the game with the third highest total (50) in NCAA women's tournament history. Throw in 16 rebounds and three blocks, and you have the defining performance in the women's tournament so far.

So...we are now left with two more slots to fill for the FINAL FOUR in St Louis.

First....I'm taking OKLAHOMA over Purdue in the OKLAHOMA CITY REGION. The fact that I said "Oklahoma" and "Oklahoma City" in the same sentence says it all....don't bet against the de facto home team.

And I'm picking ARIZONA STATE over Uconn in the Trenton Region.......APRIL FOOL!!!!!

Seriously, only a crazy person, a relative of ASU Coach Charli Turner Thorn, or an April Fool would make that pick...and it ain't April yet.

Take UCONN....easily

Notes.....Angel McCoughtry called out ESPN's Kara Lawson for her lukewarm feelings about Louisville, and really came across like The Louisville Lip, Mark II. Earth to Angel....Kara Lawson has won a NCAA championship at Tennessee, a WNBA championship with the Sacramento Monarchs, and an Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing last year...just focus on St.Louis and the Oklahoma Sooners, and Stanford or undefeated UCONN down the road. And please, the whining and the negative body language and facial expressions aren't going to cut it at the next level.

The Stanford mascot...that tree with the bulging eyes HAS GOT TO GO!!! It looks like one of those stupid GEICO COMMERCIALS....with legs!!!!

And Steve Politi of the wonderful STAR-LEDGER....get a grip. C.Vivian Stringer didn't fail to develop Rutgers' freshman....its the freshman who failed to perform. She kept giving them chances, and they kept watching the chances blow up in their faces. Don't kill the coach, the media loved these recruits on signing day...they had to earn the court time, and they couldn't. Now Steve, go cover some baseball.

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