Thursday, March 19, 2009

And My Picks For The Men's Final Four Are.....

For the record....and just to get this post in under the are my picks to make to Detroit on April 4th.

First, on the left side of the bracket, there are no big surprises. In the Midwest Region #1 overall seed Louisville will come out on top, beating #2 seed Michigan State in the regional semi-final.

In the West Region it will be #1 seed UCONN, over #2 Memphis in that semi.

Now, on the right side of the bracket, I think its going to be an all BIG EAST regional semi-final in the East Region, with #1 Pitt losing to #3 seed Villanova. I do expect that regional to be a classic, should it occur.

And on the bottom half, the South Region will have #1 seed North Carolina meeting #3 seed Syracuse (possibly the toughest bunch of kids I've ever seen on a basketball court- maybe new football Coach Doug Marrone can use them), and the Tarheels coming out on top.

Yes, I was tempted to go all Big East...but I think Syracuse has played so much basketball in the past week that they will hit a wall....

So the Final Four....Louisville, UCONN, Villanova, North Carolina....Louisville will beat UCONN in the first national semi-final, Carolina will beat Villanova in the second...and the in the NCAAA National Championship Game the North Carolina Tarheels will lose to the Louisville Cardinals.

Alright.....I'll be back with news and current events later, with a slap or two at AIG, Congress, and "The Usual Suspects".


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