Friday, February 20, 2009

Making a Difference; ROY FOSTER

Fifty-three year old Floridian Roy Foster is a worthy addition to CNN Heroes. He is a man I can relate Foster, I am a veteran, I served during the same period he did, and like Foster I too found myself abusing substances. In my case I looked into the abyss and held on, and ran away from it. Foster fell into the pit, but pulled himself out, and is now serving as a saviour and guiding light to veterans have fallen through the cracks.

Foster, who was once homeless, spent most of the 1980's on the street. Once sober in the 1990's he committed himself to help those who found themselves in situations like the one he endured. With fellow veteran Don Reed, Foster established the non- profit Faith*Hope*Love*Charity. FHLC created Stand Down House, where 45 veterans can be temporarily housed during various stages of recovery. With funding from the Veterans Administration, Stand Down House requires that its residents seek work or attend school in return for receiving medical and/or psychiatric care, meals, and a roof over their heads.

It has been estimated that one out of every three homeless in America are US service veterans, and on any given night, a shocking 150,000 veterans are left to fend for themselves, without shelter or sustenance, according to a statement from the VA. In 2008 93% of the residents of Stand Down House found work, and 84% now live self sufficient lives.

Roy Foster, formerly a drug addicted homeless man, has found his life's work.

In Roy's own words he'll tell you why he does what he does..."Its my calling".

Please click this link for more information about Stand Down House.

Due to a glitch I cannot embed the video related to this post, so please click
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