Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tina Brown; Palin "To Die For"?

In the Daily Beast Tina Brown has some keen observations regarding Sarah Palin, her SNL appearance, and Palin's resemblance to a character from an Oscar winning actresses' resume.

"The more Palin is blamed for John McCain’s demise the more I think she will outstrip them all. In fact, forget about Shakespeare. She reminds me of Nicole Kidman’s character Susanne Stone in Gus Van Sant’s classic 1995 comedy To Die For. Stone/Kidman, if you recall, is the relentlessly ambitious small town redhead who is as keen-witted as she is dumb, manically focused on getting to anchor her own show on TV. She is propelled toward her celebrity goal by such killer lines as “Gorbachev might have accomplished so much more if he had had that big purple thing taken off his forehead" and the Warholian insight “You aren't really anybody in America if you're not on TV.”

.....Tina Brown

A good read, and a great new website, highly recommended.

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