Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Third Debate- McCain Goes Toe to Toe, But Gets Knocked Down

My initial thoughts about the final debate between Senators McCain and Obama...McCain did a better job, but needed to hit a grand slam.

He didn't...but he did make substantive points, and he did forcefully distance himself from President George W. Bush.

Where McCain did fall down was when the Bill Ayres and Acorn issues were brought up. Obama explained his relationship to Ayres and to Acorn, and a flustered McCain seemed to turn into The Caine Mutiny's Captain Queeg, getting angry and in search of his steel ball bearings. Then he brought up his mantra of "Obama will raise your taxes".

On the subject of reproductive rights, McCain didn't endear himself to pro-choice moderates, and seemed to be out of the mainstream regarding Roe v Wade.

In was McCain's best debate performance, but the night still belonged to Obama....Obama ducked and avoided any knockout, and wins on points.

That's the way I see it.

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