Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Hits- October 14, 2008

1.Something...that is, someone....is very missed in this political season. Wish you were still with us, Tim Russert. I would love to get your take on the campaigns, the Palins, the financial crisis, and your beloved Buffalo Bills.

2.The New York Giants are human after all. Just ask the good citizens of Cleveland, Ohio. Have another round of Dortmonder at the dear old Winking Lizard.

3.Watching Rutgers Football this season is kind of like the movie Groundhog Day....its the same painful game every week. If Bill Murray tailgates near me on Saturday we're in big trouble.

4.Favorite new show on the tube this season....Life on Mars. Is Sam Tyler time traveling from 2008 to 1973, or is he in a coma, or is he in the afterlife? And how about Michael Imperioli with the shaggy doo and facial hair ( Adrianna would have never approved)?

5. Favorite returning show....Madmen. Some of the best writing TV has seen since the Sopranos. OK, it is a glorified soap opera...but its intriguing, and the characters always seem to zig when you think they are going to zag. And they do have the nuances of the era (early 1960's) nailed.

(6). No Yankees playing October baseball....no real interest in the post season from this guy.

(7) Three books to recommend....Stephen Mansfield's The Faith of Barack Obama, which gives a fair and unbiased view of Obama's life and religious upbring, his conversion to Christianity, and a look at the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his Afro-centrist views. Also, Amy Sullivan's The Party Faithful, which deals about how Democrats won, then lost, then began winning back Evangelicals and Roman Catholics. And Republican operative Vic Gold's fine book, Invasion of the Party Snatchers, which tells the tale of how Neo-Cons and the Religious Right gained control of the Republican Party and ran it into the ground.

(8) Midnight Madness begins Friday, and the March to March Madness begins....I love it!

(9) I was watching Recount on HBO this afternoon....and it really doesn't seem possible that eight years have passed since the 2000 election. Whatever happened to Katherine Harris? I guess she wasn't available for the Republican Vice Presidential spot.....and neither was Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

(10). Tomorrow, from Hofstra University, the last presidential debate....and John McCain needs to hit a grand slam to tie the game and force extra innings. The bad news for McCain; there are two out, nobody on, and its the bottom of the ninth.

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