Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Wants Special Prosecutor For Probe

Barack Obama has called for a special prosecutor to probe an alleged "Bush-McCain Scheme" to suppress votes in certain areas of the country.

More details forthcoming.

See video below.


Queen said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that my fahter-in-law is a pro-Obama Vietnam Vet too. I wouldn't say that he is a progressive (he considers himself a Liberarian), but he is impressed with Obama, far from impressed with Palin (understatement), and resents McCain touting his military status while having horrible track record on veteran's issues.

My blog is obviously not the place for politics (my defense of Rosie being allowed to merely sell a craft book on HSN was met with quite a bit of anger), so I thought I'd drop you a line here. Great blog!


Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Thank you Bea...this blog wasn't originally intended to be political, it just morphed that way in this political season. I also talk about sports, music, TV, pop culture- and your blog helps me get a much needed pop culture and gossip fix. Well done on your part!

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