Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guilty Pleasures....OR....A Better Choice For President and Veep

Enough of bloodsport politics, fears of a Wall Street collapse, tears because there's no October baseball in New York, and loathing and gnashing of teeth....not to mention the wet newspaper that was sitting in the gutter in the driveway this morning.

Don't' happy!

Well.... try dammit!

It fess up time....some of the most entertaining stuff you'll ever see on TV comes from the shopping channels. Its live, and spontaneous, and often the unexpected, the unpredictable, and even the just plain stupid happens.

During the darkest days of the war in Iraq the news was often so disheartening you needed to turn it off before you went out the door in the morning. A light alternative to all of the bad news was Sunrise on HSN. In the middle part of this decade the show was hosted by Lynn Murphy and John Cremeans

The show, in my eyes, was a comedy show disguised as a home shopping show. The chemistry between Lynn and John was real, never forced, and seemed more in tune with a morning talk show.

Lately John has collected various shows from that era, plus glimpses of other shows that he's done through the years on the JCremeans Channel on YouTube. Some funny stuff. Above, some video highlights of his time partnered with Lynn.

While watching the video I had this this Presidential election we have a grey haired guy named John running for president, with a perky, spunky and attractive woman his selection as his vice president.

Well....why not run John and Lynn if the current duo doesn't work out?

John's from the Midwest and rides a Harley, for God's sake! And, as shown on the video, this cat's got some dance moves. He could announce his campaign on DANCING WITH THE STARS. DWTS has a built in audience, even though most of whom have no idea that there is a presidential election or have only voted for that show or AMERICAN IDOL.

Think about would be groundbreaking!

As for Lynn....she's so perky she makes Sarah Palin look like Morticia Adams. And growing up in Philly she could probably see New Jersey (on a clear day). If she ever went to the Jersey shore as a kid, she could claim that as maritime experience.

They both look good on camera....and can read cue cards...and listen to a director in their earpiece...and talk, think, and even chew gum at the same time.

They probably could even name a couple of magazines that they read....and just might be able to name a couple of Supreme Court decisions if they were pressed by little pests like Katie Couric!

Executive experience?


They don't need no stinkin' executive experience.

Because the clock is ticking...and they know how to sell Today's Special to America.

And that my friends, ain't so it?

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