Sunday, October 19, 2008

General Colin Powell- I Will Vote For Barack Obama

Recent rumors were true. On Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, former Secretary of State (under President George W. Bush) General Colin Powell told moderator Tom Brokaw, and a national TV audience, of his intention to vote for Senator Barack Obama for President.

Powell remains a friend of Senator John McCain, but is "troubled" by the rightward shift of the Republican Party, of the negative nature of the McCain campaign, of the use of polarizing tactics by Republican operatives, and McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as a running mate.

Powell said that selection of Obama would be trans formative event for the nation, and would be a choice that could unite a nation that is deeply divided.

OPINION- General Powell gave one of the most eloquent and precise reasons for selecting a candidate that this writer has ever heard, and in doing so he has forcefully rebuked the Republican Party's direction, a party which he has served in war and in peace. John McCain speaks of "country first", and then allows his party operatives to attack Barack Obama over the charge that he was in the same room with a onetime 1960's radical, or that he may be a Muslim that associates with terrorists, or that Obama is dangerous to America. The only thing McCain has succeeded in doing is to further divide this nation more than it already is. If Obama wins the election millions of Americans will believe that their president is a "Manchurian Candidate", the villain who will betray America. But if McCain pulls out the election in the eleventh hour, using the Big Smear of "Robo Calls" and the politics of fear, millions and the other side will never forgive him, and will never trust him again. His presidency will have a taint from Day One.

General Powell "gets it". His Republican Party, the party of free enterprise and individual freedom, expired with the end of the 20th Century. He, indeed, is one of those "left behind" by the shift the Far Right and the Neo-cons took his party.

It is General Colin Powell who is truly putting country first. Once again he has proven to be one of the greatest patriots our great nation has ever known.

Sadly, his endorsement of Obama has brought out the worst of some the conservative bloggers and commentators- Powell, like Chris Buckley and Kathleen Parker, is now a heretic is their eyes. One blogger referred to him as a no more than an opportunist; and Pat Buchanan, who I generally like and have grudging respect for, even went so far as to suggest to Chris Mathews that there was racial motivation in the endorsement.

It is ironic that those who proclaim "country first" have so little tolerance for those who dissent, and of those who's vision of a better America isn't the one they hold.

With luck-and God's help- maybe President Barack Obama will help us write a new chapter in our great American story.

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Anonymous said...

Is Powell correct when he says that the Republican party is shifting to the right.

Here to answer that question is Minnesota Republican Senator Michelle Bachmann

Senator Michelle Bachmann on Hardball

After viewing her interview, tell me if you think Colin Powell was just being overly sensitive

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