Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David Neiwert Responds To Critic of CNN Interview About Palin, AIP

In his blog on Crooks and Liars, David Neiwert responds to LA Times commentator James Rainey criticism of Neiwert's interview about Sarah and Todd Palin's association with the Far Right in Alaska that was done on CNN with Rick Sanchez (see previous post).

In the interview Sanchez hints that ideologically there were similarities between the Alaska Independence Party and other "patriot" groups. Sanchez did ask Neiwert if the AIP held an ideology "similar to the group that blew up the Murrah Building (in Oklahoma City in 1995)".

Neiwert clarifies his intentions in his interview...and suggests that though there is no connection to the AIP to any terroristic actions, that the AIP membership does indeed rub elbows with many in the Far Right's Patriot movement.

The reasons for concern for voters are enumerated step by step in Neiwert's response...check it out...and check out the video featuring the AIP's vice-chair Dexter Clark at the 2007 North American Secessionist Convention regarding infiltration of major political parties.

Its a good HERE, and then ask....which candidate really associates with radicals?

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