Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Battle in Belmont; McCain- Obama II

My initial impressions of the 2nd McCain-Obama debate.....its Obama by points.

Senators Obama and McCain's debate could be broken down into three segments; the first about the ailing economy, a second regarding health care, Social Security, and Medicare, and the third about foreign policy.

On the economy Senator McCain did throw out a surprise about a program empowering the Treasury Secretary to buy out bad mortgages- price tag, roughly $300 billion.

That sounds like "big government" to me.....and how do you pay for it?

The bottom line- I call that segment a draw, while Obama hit a home run with the vignette about his mother's tragic death from cancer at age 53, and the battles she had with insurance companies in the health care segment.

Obama stood toe to toe with McCain on foreign policy, and frankly appeared more authoritative than McCain.

The town hall format was thought to benefit McCain, but actually the format did expose McCain's physical awkwardness, the result of age and the years of abuse he suffered in the Vietnam War.

Frankly, Obama looked like a tall handsome young statesman, and to be candid, McCain looked like an aging pol....the body language was stark in its contrast.

These are just some initial impressions..........more later.

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