Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Hits

(1) "Think about how stupid the average person is- and half the people are even stupider than that"- George Carlin. And given the closeness of the race to the White House I'd say that old George is having a laugh right now from the Great Beyond he never believed in.

(2) John McCain, who has not been present for a roll call vote in the Senate since April 2008, suspended his Presidential campaign in order to help fix the Wall Street crisis on September 24.... but not until he made a side trip to New York for an interview with Katie Couric at CBS, blowing off an appearance on David Letterman in the process (McCain's spokesman said he hadn't the time to do Dave's show). The only problem was McCain's news interview was being taped at the same time Letterman's show was being taped....and Dave was watching McCain getting made up on a monitor. Dave was not pleased. In fact, he brought in MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, a McCain nemesis, as a substitute. See the vid! Dave Rips McCain!

(3) Oh, about the pretty girl pictured above....its a sneaky way of getting you to read this stuff! But (somewhat) seriously, the lady's name is Diana Perkovic, and she is one reason for not blowing past HSN while you are channel surfing. Obviously, it ain't Grandma's home shopping channel anymore.

Diana's bio

(4) Speaking of home shopping channels; today QVC is having its "Countdown to Christmas". Only 3 months until December 25. Actually they started counting down to Christmas on July 25. The only thing that bugs me more than merchandisers who start Christmas season right after the 4th of July are the people who actually start Christmas shopping in July, August, and September! And I'm sick of these people making me feel guilty about my procrastination. I really will do something about it....maybe next week.

(5) Conservative critic and gadfly Ann Coulter has been strangely quiet for the past few months- she hasn't caused outrage in so long I actually kind of miss her. Maybe the Republican Party is paying her to keep quiet, or maybe the poor thing flew her broom into a building or something worse. But she'll be back; because like athlete's foot, yeast infections, and jock itch she remains irritating- and she never quite goes away.

(6) Essence Carson of the New York Liberty has had a fine rookie WNBA season, but in Monday's elimination game against the Connecticut Sun she really defined her season and became a pro's-pro. She scored 13 of her 15 points in the second half, and took the team on her back during a third quarter when nobody else on the Liberty could buy a bucket. The 66-62 win on the Sun's home floor was the Liberty's first series win since 2004, and things look great for this Rutgers grad and her teammates, the youngest team in the WNBA. There's more story here on ESPN's website.

(7) As for Rutgers, now 0-3, the second half meltdown against Navy was totally mind blowing. Much has been said already about the inconsistent offense and porous secondary. In all its been a disappointing season so far. But most troubling was the incident at the end of the game, with the game at 23-21 Navy, and RU quarterback Mike Teel throwing a game ending interception- and then Teel threw a punch at teammate Glen Lee, who came to console him. Teel, a 5th year senior, is a team captain. And yes it was a twenty something showing his immaturity- but he has to be not only a better quarterback, but a better man. He is a leader, and the younger players take their cues from him.

(8) In contrast, has there ever been a classier player in recent years in New York than Derek Jeter? He defines what a captain should be, and Jeter has never embarrassed himself or his team during his career. His speech at the end of the last game in the current Yankee Stadium was brief but eloquent in his praise of the fans. The love affair between Jeter and New York goes on, despite a season that can be regarded in Yankeeland as a failure.

(9) Former New York Giant and broadcaster Dick Lynch- RIP. He will be missed.

And finally.....

(10) New Jersey without THE STAR-LEDGER? Its as Jersey as Springsteen, pork roll, and THE SOPRANOS. Say it ain't so.

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